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West Malibu Beach Club Wedding Photography | Daniel & Cassandra

West Malibu Beach Club Wedding Photography | Ian Andrew Photography |
Daniel & Cassandra Wedding Photos

The reception room details came out amazing!

Final preparation before she slips into her wedding dress.  She is so excited!

The details in that necklace were beautiful.  She had the earrings to match too.

The groom finishing up getting ready with his groomsman.  Not nervous at all…..

Someone missed the memo.

This candy was starring me down all day but I resisted.

She had that smile all day.  She was so happy

What a view from the balcony of the West Malibu Beach Club

It was a perfect ceremony, time to party!

Gotta love the idea of In-N-Out for dinner.  It’s all about Animal Style.

Photographed some amazing bridal portraits.

It’s time for some wedding cake.  Dig in!

Oh yea, what hairy legs you have.

The end of a great night!